Traveling On A Budget: The Do’s & Don’ts

Budget Travel

There’s a lot of misconceptions out there about how traveling, especially internationally, is only for the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Let me be the first to tell you, where there’s a will there’s a way. Traveling is a unique and personal adventure that can be tailored to each individual’s wants, needs, and yes,Read more

Why Booking With A Travel Agent Is Underrated

Travel Agent

1.Find The Best Deals A lot of people think booking with a Travel Agent means mark up after mark up, find the right agency and this won’t be the case. One perk of booking with an agency is the relationship those agents have with resorts and concierges around the world; these connections allow them toRead more

10 Travel Blogs To Inspire Your Next Vacation

Gypsea Lust

As personal travel fans we love keeping up with the travel industry from an inside perspective, specifically through a few of our favorite travel blogs. Trust us, in this industry there is room for everyone! Check out our favorite travel blogs below for more travel tricks and inspiration; we love these blogs for their travelRead more

The House Boat Grill – A Review

House Boat Grill Entrance

The House Boat Grill [website] Rule #1: Arrive Early Rule #2: Stay Late Rule #3: Pack Your Bug Spray   Our family mantra has always been “no chain restaurants on vacation”. Often times our top picks are small establishments where the beer is cold and the patrons are local. The House Boat Grill stepped up toRead more

What Is The Yacht Week, and Why Should I Care?

The Yacht Week

What: The Yacht Week operates in 6 locations across the globe and is the epitome of “buy your way in” experiences – but it may not take as much as you think! Jump on board and experience some of the craziest private parties in the world alongside new friends and old. No sailing experience required!Read more

I can go THERE for under $5000?!


Traveling is lot more financially accessible than many think. See the breakdown below of what your money can really get you, you may be surprised it goes further than you think! All of these resorts are all inclusive and pricing estimates include airfare! (Prices are reflect two people.) Under $3000 Under $5000   *Pricing are estimates basedRead more

Why I’m On The Next Flight Back To Croatia


Croatia (in the off season) offers travelers a quiet place to explore old world charm, small town hospitality, local food, and stunning views. I’ve compiled a few of my favorite moments that perfectly sum up why you need to book your plane ticket pronto!   On our last day we stopped for a final farewellRead more